Speech Therapy for Children and Teens

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy with Geraldine is about building bonds, overcoming obstacles and developing meaningful goals.

Your child’s development is our top priority

Your child’s development is our top priority

Your child is one-of-a-kind, and his or her developmental needs are unique. That’s why you deserve the best speech and language therapy that meets you right where you are and gives you answers to your questions about your child’s specific challenges. At Galway Speech and Language Therapy , Geraldine will work with you to set goals for your child… and work with you to see those goals achieved.

Specialised assessments

Specialised assessments

At Galway Speech and Language Therapy, Geraldine specialises in assessment for:

  • list itemSpeech sound difficulties
  • list itemLanguage difficulties
  • list itemPhonological difficulties
  • list itemInterventions for children who have autism
  • list itemInterventions for children with down syndrome
  • list itemIntervention for late talkers
Parents and caregivers education

Parents and caregivers education

At Galway Speech and Language Therapy, Geraldine provides parents and other caregivers with the education and techniques needed to participate in the treatment process. Together, we can:

  • list itemHelp you connect with your child through language and learning
  • list itemHelp your child succeed in academic environments
  • list itemImprove your child’s communication and social abilities with peers and adults
  • list itemReduce frustration due to difficulties understanding language and speaking
If you have landed here parent, you are most likely that frustrated parent we once were. I cannot recommend Geraldine enough. You the parent are looking for someone that you can fully trust (and you will find, someone you need to stick up for you on occasion). Geraldine is this person, and I know she is blushing reading this, but Geraldine is just wonderful.

Austin & Sharon Breathnach

The improvement in his speech since starting work with Geraldine has been remarkable and has also helped in other aspects of his life like school and managing anger issues. The way in which Geraldine was able to connect with him from the very beginning and keep his focus and work rate going has been phenomenonal.

Hilda and Antony

My 11 year old son has been attending Geraldine for the last number of years & loves all his sessions with her , she has a lovely way of getting through to him , his confidence has improved immensely, I could not recommend her enough.


Thanks to Geraldine my son is now a much happier child as he is able to effectively communicate with everyone and also understands what he is been asked to do. As for speaking in the third person this has almost disappeared.


I couldn't recommend Geraldine enough. She gets as much as she can done out of the time allocated and is just great at what she does. Rian still loves her sessions 3 years on.

Angelina Joyce

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